Succulents, Succulents and More Succulents!

With the Summer winding down, I am finding myself not wanting to let go of my Summer plants...succulents! I love them. There are so many different kinds to choose from and so many different ideas for showcasing these amazing.

Something that both our clients and we are obsessed with is the Succulent Living Wall. You do not have to get anything fancy. You will find links to our favorite products and to everyone in town's favorite nursery Green Acres.

Where can you put these amazing projects?

Outdoor Decor Idea:

Do you have an open and unused wall on your patio? Have you been wondering what to fill in this space? Try getting the supplies for a hanging living wall structure like this one to the left. Don't know where to start? We can either make one custom for you or consult you on how to DIY this project.

Here’s how to begin:

  1. Go to your local arts & crafts store, home improvement store or Amazon also has a great selection of hanging options for your plant design.

  2. Once you have the shape that you want to fill, decide how this will be attached or will it just sit up against the wall and ground? These are important things to think about. You don't want to get something made from wood, attach it to the outer stuccoed wall and fill it with water for the plants. This can cause an issue with the wall behind the living wall, ultimately causing a costly repair.

  3. Stop by the Home Improvement Store if you have not already and pick up your soil, plants, and nutrients for the plants. I am partial to succulents, but you can make a living wall from almost any plants. Although I do love picking up plants from the Home Improvement stores, I absolutely LOVE Green Acres Nursery. My family has been going there every since I remember. Check them out at the link above.

  4. Also, take a look at this option from Amazon. It is very versatile, has a great amount of space and is a great starter price for someone who is not sure if this is for them. Fill the planter with the soil and plants. Add nutrients to the soil as directed.

  5. Voila! In less than an afternoon you can have a beautiful living wall addition to your back patio.

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